Guide to Glove Technology

POW Gloves are patterned to fit the hand for the end use it was designed for. We designed some styles to fit larger to add more loft and room for air to move around, creating more warmth (Lofted Fit), some styles that have a balance of loft and tactility (Common Fit), and some styles that were built to fit tighter for a more tactile feel (Profile Fit)

Most POW styles were built with Pre-Curve pattern construction, giving you the most natural hand form and comfort throughout the day.

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General Fit Guide

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Styles that give you a good balance of warmth and tactility. These styles are generally insulated with a compressed insulation for a fit that has less bulk.

Styles that give you extra room between the lining and your hand, creating better warm air circulation. These styles are insulated with higher gram insulation weights and have greater warmth values. 

Styles that give you ultimate tactical feel. These styles are lightly insulated or not insulated at all for a real feel type fit.



POW Gloves warmth rating icons are meant to be interpreted as a general guide for the insulation build and performance of said glove/mitt. It is generally known that mitts are warmer than gloves due to the fact that your fingers share heat when they are not separated by fabric.

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Deep Winter Conditions: This gage indicates this particular model performs well in extremely cold temperatures all while keeping your hands dry for total comfort even in the deepest days of winter.

Mid Winter Conditions: This gage indicates this particular model performs well in mid winter temperatures, with functionality in mind we build mid winter gloves with slightly less insulation to increase dexterity.

In Between Conditions: This gage indicates this particular model performs in temperatures in between winter and spring, these models have less insulation to increase feel but still have a waterproof insert to keep your hands dry.

Spring Conditions: This gage indicates this particular model performs best in spring conditions, when keeping warm isn’t your number one priority, but staying protected and dry is.


Waterproof Inserts

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The GORE-TEX brand logo represents: Durably waterproof, windproof, and breathable protection

+ Dry hands even in the toughest conditions
+ Strict quality and performance standards
+ If you are not completely satisfied with the waterproofness or breathability of your GORE-TEX Glove, we will repair it or refund you.

Learn more about GORE-TEX Technology

HIPORA INSERT: A fabric that incorporates a three-layer micro porous coating structure, designed with the comfort of the consumer in mind.

SoDry is a Waterproof membrane with a uniform structure made to withstand wet and cold conditions. SoDry membranes are highly durable, flexible and waterproof. These membranes give peace of mind and will remain consistent for a long period of time.



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Finding a pair of POW Gloves with the proper amount of insulation is crucial to its performance in the conditions you ride. The proper amount of insulation should keep you warm without restricting your circulation, dexterity, or fit. If the temperature you ride it can drastically vary, we suggest you purchase an additional Poly Pro Liner or consider more than one pair.

Primaloft® Gold insulation is designed to regulate your comfort level during intense activity while offering performance without compromise in a wide range of conditions. Warmth without bulk., water resistant, 4-way stretch, breathable, packable and lightweight, superior softness and 45% post consumer recycled content.

Learn more about Primaloft® Insulation


3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation is warm yet lightweight, powerful yet thin. It helps trap and hold body heat, while allowing moister to escape. The extremely ne microfibers in Thinsulate insulation help trap air and block body radiant heat loss, making it an efficient insulator. The high warmth-to-thickness ratio of this insulation enables glove designs with less bulk and enhanced freedom of movement.

Fiberfull is a synthetic fiber used for insulating gloves giving you warmth and comfort while in use. With the ability to trap air up to 97% of its volume, this insulation is great for keeping you warm. Fiber ll has a very soft hand feel and is a very durable insulator.


Shell Fabrics

Synthetics – Many of our high quality models use waterproof breathable fabric. Waterproof fabrics come in both hard and soft shell versions and both are used for gloves and mittens.

Leather – Leather is the tried-and-true material of most of POW’s gloves and mittens. We use goatskin, which is more durable and is naturally water-resistant. When maintained properly with NikWax or other leather waterproofing treatments, these gloves can last till you’re old as dirt.

Learn more about how to treat POW Gloves with Nikwax

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Gore-Tex Infinium™

Gore-Tex Infinium™ form fitting products combine total windproofness and maximum breath ability while being quite soft and with stretch qualities.

Micro Twill Nylon w/ Teflon DWR

Twill nylon treated with a durable water repellant coating to act as a first barrier to water. The backside also has a laminate coating for another barrier to water.

Poly Oxford

A tight traditional weave fabric made with a laminated backside for an added barrier to water makes this a great breathable, durable and water resistant fabric.

PU Nylon Twill

Nylon twill fabric made with a laminate on backside for an added barrier to water. soft hand feel and extremely comfortable.

FHK® Nylon w/ DWR

Tight weave nylon twill fabric made with a laminate on backside for an added barrier to water. soft hand feel, light weight and extremely comfortable.

Soft Poly Twill

Polyester twill fabric made with a laminate on backside for an added barrier to water. Quick drying, light weight and durable.

100 D 4-way Spandex w/ PU Laminate

100 denier fabric with vertical and horizontal stretch properties. Additional laminate on backside for an added barrier to water and durability. Excellent feeling flexible lightweight fabric.

Sock Cuff

Polyester ribbed tube material with 4-way elastic stretch and moisture wicking/durable properties.

Poly Recycled Ottoman

60% recycled polyester fabric with a durable water repellent coating to act as a first barrier to water. The backside also has a laminate coating for another barrier to water and durability. 15k/10K

Poly Dobby Weft Stretch

Polyester fabric with added corduroy texture and excellent hand feel. added durable water repellant coating to act as a first barrier to water. The backside also has a laminate coating for another barrier to water and durability. 15k/10K


A nubuck material made from finely ground leather fibers. This fabric has a smooth soft hand feel giving it a flocked feel.


Synthetic rubber that exhibits good flexibility over a wide temperature range.

Corded Nylon

Nylon fabric with a rigid tough hand feel. Durable water repellent coating to act as a barrier to water.


Palm Materials

This particular area of your POW gloves will get the most use, so we have carefully crafted our palm materials to last and perform. The palms may be made of various materials, such as leather, synthetic leather, or an Amara® with grip print, all of which add the dexterity and durability needed.

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Grade A Leather

The finest goatskin from the world's top tanneries. Our leathers are handpicked for their quality and consistent thickness.

Suede Leather

Leathers that are finished by buffing the flesh side to produce a nap. These suede leathers are all from top quality hides and from the world's top tanneries.

Pittards Oiltac Dragon Etched Leather

Pittards Oiltac enhances the grip of leather gloves in all conditions, wet or dry. Oiltac leather offers a high degree of water and perspiration resistance while protecting the leather and minimising water uptake.

Amara Synthetic Leather

High quality microfiber synthetic leather with a soft and comfortable feel. Amara leather has excellent abrasion resistance, breathability and superior quality.

Touch-Capable Leathers

Our goatskin touch leathers are treated to include touch capable performance without compromising feel or durability.


A polyester substrate palm material that is a highly durable, flexible and waterproof. A slight texture increases grip and improves abrasion resistance. 

PU Waterproof

A polyester substrate palm material that is durable, lightweight, waterproof and flexible. Subtle texture increases grip.


Lining & Liners

The lining is the layer between the membrane and your skin, it is meant to increase comfort and warmth. POW’s lining materials have moisture-wicking and anti-pill qualities to ensure comfort year after year. Some of our models include an extra Poly Pro Liner that is in addition to the liner built into each model. These are also sold separately to provide an extra layer of warmth to any POW Glove you purchase.

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Poly Pro Micro Fleece

A polypropylene fleece material with moisture wicking, quick drying and breathable/durable properties that is perfect for staying warm and dry.

Merino Wool®

Easy to wear next to skin and comfortable in a range of temperatures. This light weight and breathable wool has antimicrobial and moisture management properties unmatched by other materials.

Premium anti-pill poly micro fleece

A polyester micro eece with anti pilling, moisture wicking, quick drying and breathable properties. It has a ultra smooth hand feel.

200G Micro Fleece

A thick brushed polyester micro eece with moisture wicking and quick drying properties that will keep you nice and cozy in cold winter conditions.

Polartech Fleece

Premium polyester yarns are used to repel moisture and speed dry times. The lofted structures create thermal air pockets to retain warmth, and still allow optimal breathability.

Milky Fiber

Multi-directional stretch fabric with an excellent next to skin feel. This technical fiber delivers added warmth and moisture-wicking comfort.


Hook & Loop

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Ultra Magic No Snag

A highly durable and strong closed loop side that will not snag other clothing or attract unwanted fibers and lint keeping it clean for extended use.

STRD Hook & Loop

A sturdy hook and loop material with excellent grip properties and low profile performance.


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